The organization is working with the largest health implementers in parallel with the largest health sector funders, beginning with national governments. By doing so, HealthEnabled is establishing models, practices, and evidence-based tools for implementing integrated digital health systems that can be applied across other low- and middle-income countries and supported by a range of partners.

HealthEnabled aims to accelerate the achievement of the health-related MDGs and strives towards universal health coverage in anticipation of the post-2015 development agenda. The organization aspires to set health targets and measure progress through systematic assessment of the population affected, population reached, coverage (by country), and cost-savings (by program).

At the end of five years, we anticipate HealthEnabled will conclude its work, as national policy, sustainable programs, and effective digital health use will be more closely aligned in target countries. At that stage, we anticipate that an active network of practitioners, supported by a clear evidence base and robust set of tools, will be able to carry this catalytic effort forward.