There is enormous potential for digital technologies  to save lives, extend the reach of healthcare services and reduce healthcare costs. However, while thousands of pilots have been implemented, many countries face persistent challenges in implementing sustainable digital health solutions at scale.

What HealthEnabled is:

HealthEnabled is an non profit organisation that activates effective integrated digital health systems and supportive health policies in low- and middle-income countries by advising governments and health programs, facilitating connections among experts, and promoting best practices in digital health.

Based in South Africa, HealthEnabled works with governments, health implementers, donors, and health experts to ensure that digital health systems are sustainable, aligned with national policies, and suited to the local context.

To achieve our mission of stronger health outcomes by 2020, we are currently focusing on supporting the elimination of mother-to-child transmission (EMTCT) in South Africa and Tanzania.

How HealthEnabled works:

Rather than implementing digital health interventions directly, HealthEnabled facilitates others in implementing strong digital health solutions. We play three roles:

Connector: We are a neutral, trusted facilitator among governments, top digital health experts, health implementers, and donors.

Expert advisor: We have significant experience and expertise in digital health to guide policy-making and the design and implementation of digital health solutions in low- and middle-income countries.

Knowledge hub: We share the latest information, advice, and technologies in digital health.

Our strategies

We seek to:

  • Build stronger government capacity and national policies in digital health
  • Empower health implementers to use digital health tools effectively
  • Raise the bar for national digital health standards and performance
  • Facilitate connections among experts, implementers, academics, policymakers, and users so they can work together more effectively in digital health