What is HealthE Africa?

HealthE Africa is a peer assistance network that aims to strengthen existing digital health partnerships and foster new collaborations in Africa. The community connects programme needs with African technology experts and service providers, and so strengthens local and regional digital health.

HealthE Africa aims to create a more effective and efficient market for digital health services so that the demand for assistance for eHealth programmes can more readily be met by an easily accessible, cost-effective local supply that creates context-appropriate solutions.

Together we are building digital health capacity in Africa, amongst health implementers, policy makers, technology providers, researchers and others with an interest in strengthening health systems through the use of technology.

Meeting African Digital Health Needs

Information and communication technology has the potential to improve the quality of health care services on the African continent. These technologies are enablers of various innovative, life-saving health interventions and digital health programmes that can be affordable and sustainable.

Unfortunately, many countries in Africa do not have the local capacity to successfully plan, implement and manage digital health programmes:

Ministries of Health have recognized the need for effective eHealth, but do not always have sufficient human resources to develop or implement digital health programmes.
Local community-based organisations and implementing partners are rolling out digital health activities, but often do not have the appropriate skills or expertise to strategize, plan, design or implement these programmes.

Government and implementing partners can join the HealthE Africa community to learn more about digital health, connect with local experts, find out what products and services are available in-country, and make context-appropriate, sustainable solutions a reality.


Led by digital health experts from across the continent, HealthE Africa:

Builds understanding of the context in each country

We assess the status of digital health in different African countries in order to understand who needs to be involved, the policy environment, existing networks and the eHealth landscape.

Creates and strengthens networks

We actively recruit individuals and organisations, including health practitioners, government representatives, academics, consultants, service providers and anyone else with an interest in digital health, to participate in the community.

Builds capacity

We develop localized resources and training programmes to build digital health capacity and facilitate information sharing.

Develops tools and resources

We develop appropriate tools such as our online community with member profiles, local eHealth news, resource directories, discussions and other facilities to ensure easy communication within the network, to facilitate knowledge exchange and to link program needs to service providers and appropriate experts.


Latest HealthE Africa Newsletters

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HealthE Africa is facilitated by HealthEnabled, in partnership with Knowledge for Health (K4Health). Not aligned to any service providers or products, both HealthEnabled and K4Health are able to provide neutral advice and support, and connect people, institutions, ideas and technical information.


HealthEnabled is a digital health advisor, broker and convenor seeking to ensure that appropriate digital health solutions are brought to scale and integrated into national health systems.

Based in South Africa, HealthEnabled is a non-profit organisation that works predominantly in low- and middle-income countries.


K4Health, USAID’s flagship health knowledge management project, works to ensure that health programme managers and service providers have the accurate, up-to-date knowledge they need, when they need it. Implemented by the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs (CCP), in partnership with FHI 360, IntraHealth International and Management Sciences for Health (MSH), K4Health creates and continually improves platforms, products and services to strengthen global health efforts.

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