Rather than implementing digital health interventions directly, HealthEnabled helps others do so through four strategic roles. We: 

1. Build stronger government capacity and national policies in digital health by:

  • Supporting senior government officials to develop effective, national, integrated digital health policy frameworks.
  • Launching advocacy efforts around national integrated digital health efforts, building off our experience in various countries.

2. Empower health implementers to use digital health tools effectively by:

  • Supporting top health implementers as they integrate digital health into their programmes.
  • Developing clear guides and leading workshops and webinars for health NGOs seeking to pursue digital health interventions.

3. Raise the bar for national digital health standards and performance by:

  • Driving improved standards and performance of digital health programmes through the development of a national scorecard, prize, implementation certification, or practitioner accreditation.

4. Facilitate connections among experts, implementers, academics, policymakers, and users so they can work together more effectively in digital health by:

  • Building digital health country councils and networks for knowledge sharing and alignment on standards and best practices.
  • Partnering with regional digital health hubs as knowledge providers and dissemination networks.