HealthEnabled’s strategy to support the integration of scaled up digital health programmes into national health systems, involves working intensely in a few, carefully chosen countries. Over the next five years, we are focusing on up to five priority low- and middle- income countries, starting with South Africa.

These focus countries are selected based on their readiness to integrate digital health into their national health systems and the availability of funds. Although the bulk of our effort is in the focus countries, we are also engaged in work in other parts of the world, as well as in activities with a global reach.

We work closely with a range of stakeholders including governments, donors and partners from across various sectors, with extensive global and country-specific expertise.

The models, practices, and evidence-based tools we are developing based on our focus country experiences can be applied across other low- and middle-income countries and supported by a range of partners.

Current Projects

Some of the projects we are currently working on include:

Previous Projects

Previously we have also worked on