Malawi Digital Health Dashboard

Malawi has a low World Economic Forum’s Networked Readiness Index (132 of 139 in 2016), and faces a number of challenges in implementing digital health programmes, including the fact that it has infrastructure challenges. Nevertheless it is making key in-roads with regards to digital health, particularly through the use of mobile phones with the Ministry of Health leading a national mHealth working group to co-ordinate these efforts.

Malawi National eHealth Strategy

Malawi eHealth Situation Assessment - 2014

The Malawi National eHealth Strategy 2011-2016 – April 2014

The eHealth Strategy aims at building the foundations for ICT infrastructure, implementation of ehealth solutions, facilitating adoption of new ehealth solutions and enhancing governance in the implementation of this strategy.

As foundations for ICT infrastructure, the strategy identifies:

  • national ehealth information standards,
  • computing infrastructure,
  • national connectivity services,
  • identification and authentication,
  • reliable power supply and
  • information protection

The ehealth solutions, which represent the tangible means to interact with the health system electronically, include

  • national priority ehealth solutions,
  • telehealthcare,
  • individual electronic health records and
  • continuous professional development using e-learning.

National Digital Health Systems

Digital Health Case Studies

Digital Health Resources

  • Electronic Medical Records
    EMR systems with the following modules are implemented in all districts: ART, OPD, General Patient Registration, ANC, Maternity, Chronic Care Clinic module (Diabetes, epilepsy and hypertension), Pharmacy, Billing, In-patient (ADT),TB-ART and Radiology
  • cStock
    cStock is the mHealth component of the Ministry of Health’s Enhanced Management approach to supply chain and stock management which was scaled up to all 29 districts by October 2014. Health workers are able to update stock information via their mobile phones. cStock automatically calculates the resupply needs and communicates these to decision makers.