HealthE Africa

HealthE Africa is a pan-African peer-assistance networking initiative undertaken in partnership with Knowledge for Health (K4Health), with support from USAID, to raise the visibility of digital health needs, experts and projects on the continent. The initiative has been designed to meet the needs of digital health on the continent, connecting programme needs with African technology experts and service providers and fostering an environment for sharing and learning. In particular, the initiative seeks to:

  • Build an understanding of the digital health context in each country
  • Create and strengthen networks
  • Build capacity
  • Develop tools and resources

If you are interested or working on digital health on the continent, we welcome you to join the Health E Africa community and dialogue. Together we build digital health capacity in Africa.


HealthE Africa Newsletter

The East African Health Research Commission (EAHRC)

The East African Health Research Commission (EAHRC) is an institution of the East African Community. The EAHRC is hosting a conference in Kampala to deliberate on the roadmap for digital health in the region. Among the issues being discussed are government policy, technical interoperability, data privacy and security, cross-border issues, the role of the public and private sectors.

For Webinar Recording Reporting on East African Digital Health Road Map click here.

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Country Dashboards

Kenya Digital Health Dashboard

Kenya is rated 86th out of 139 countries in terms of networked readiness (2016).

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Liberia Digital Health Dashboard

Ranked 130 out of 139 on the 2016 Networked Readiness Index, Liberia is challenged with issues around all 10 pillars of the readiness index with the lowest being infrastructure and individual usage.

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Malawi Digital Health Dashboard

Malawi has a low World Economic Forum's Networked Readiness Index (132 out of 139 in 2016), and faces a number of challenges in implementing digital health programmes.

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Mozambique Digital Health Dashboard

Ranking 123 out of 139 in 2016 on the global network readiness index, and mobile coverage is fairly low, and less than half of people have access to a mobile phone.

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Nigeria Digital Health Dashboard

In the 2016 World Economic Forum Networked Readiness index, Nigeria was rated 119 out of 139 countries.

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Rwanda Digital Health Dashboard

In 2016, Rwanda ranked 80th word-wide in terms of networked readiness, with a very strong political and regulatory environment and good government usage of ICTs.

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South Africa Digital Health Dashboard

South Africa is rated 65th out of 139 countries in terms of networked readiness (2016), which is high relative to other African countries. It has strong policy & regulatory, and business and innovation environments but rates poorly in terms of affordability, infrastructure and skills.

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Tanzania Digital Health Dashboard

Although it has a relatively low ranking in terms of the World Economic Forum's Networked Readiness Index (126rd of 139 in 2016). the ICT environment in Tanzania is rapidly changing, in large part because of the Eastern Africa Submarine Cable System and the National ICT Broadband Backbone. The increased competition in both the voice and data markets has led to reduced pricing though it is still considered relatively expensive.

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Uganda Digital Health Dashboard

Ranking 121 out of 139 in 2016 on the global network readiness index, Uganda is an active digital health hub with the government playing a central role in co-ordinating digital health initiatives in the country. Funding for eHealth projects however, has traditionally been through fragmented donor funding which poses a challenge to sustainability.

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Zambia Digital Health Dashboard

Ranking 116 out of 139 on the 2016 Networked Readiness Index, Zambia is challenged with infrastructure and a lack of IT skills. It also has a high disease burden, a shortage of health care professionals, and inadequacies in drugs and medical supplies, funding, equipment and infrastructure.

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Ghana Digital Health Dashboard

Ranking 102 of 139 in terms of networked readiness (2016), Ghana faces a number of eHealth challenges.

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