Equity by design

We are neutral and trusted connectors who catalyze the use of digital technologies to improve health and wellbeing for all.

Global Digital Health Monitor

The Global Digital Health Monitor (GDHM) is an interactive digital resource that helps countries to prioritize and monitor their digital health interventions and enablers.

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Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance

HealthEnabled partnership with Gavi aims to enhance the strategic and effective use of digital health interventions and data to improve immunization outcomes, including coverage and equity with a special focus on zero-dose children.

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Digital Health Strategies

Since our founding in 2014, HealthEnabled has facilitated and/or contributed to the development of both national and large health organizational digital health strategies.

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Thought Leadership

At HealthEnabled’s core is our engagement as a trailblazer in digital health and global recognition as a Thought Leader with over 50 resources and publications since our establishment in 2014.

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Who We Are

health.enabled is a US-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to increase equity and accessibility in global health by facilitating effective digital health strategies and interventions. As a women-led diverse and inclusive organization, we leverage our public health, software development, and engineering expertise to deliver impact.

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What We Do

health.enabled leads multi-stakeholder digital transformation initiatives focused on the strategic adoption and effective use of digital technologies to transform public health systems. health.enabled designs with intention to harness the benefits of digital technology and anticipate, prevent, and mitigate unintentional harms to health and wellbeing.

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